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Boreray Sheep

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The Boreray are found mainly on Boreray Island in the St. Kilda group. The breed originated in the late 19th century from a cross between the Blackface and a variety of the old Scottish tan-faced group. These tan-faced sheep had been used by crofters on the Scottish Islands for generations but were superseded by the Blackface and now the Boreray is the only breed with any link to the old tan-faced sheep. When the inhabitants of St. Kilda were evacuated in 1930 the sheep were left on the island of Boreray and have existed as a feral flock ever since. In the 1970s a small group of six animals was brought over to the mainland but the mainland population is very small.


Why choose Boreray?

•   They are on the critical list.

•   They are smaller sheep than your average commercial breed

   so easier to handle (once you have caught them).

•   They are hardy.

•   Shed their own fleece.

•   Make good mothers and lamb easily.