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Boreray Sheep

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Boreray Sheep for Sale – To good homes only!


Breeding Ewes

Please contact me for more details and your requirements.


Castrated Males - these make great pets and lawn mowers.

Please contact me for more details and your requirements.


Before deciding on Boreray sheep.

They can be hard to catch however the more time you spend with them the easier it will be.  They are fast and so its pointless running around a field trying to herd them. They are intelligent animals and require you to be smart and patient when trying to catch them, I find a large pen which I feed them in with a small opening is the best way.


They are not big commercial sheep, if you are looking for sheep to eat or sell for meat, I personally think there are more suitable breeds out there for you.  However if you want to help keep this breed off the critical list and enjoy keeping sheep these could be ideal for you. Great lawnmowers and perfect to help other potential breeders who want to set up a flock of their own.