New Forest 
Boreray Sheep

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Boreray sheep shed their own fleece, and as the warmer weather arrives in spring, you will see pieces of fleece draped on fences or brambles, perfectly placed for a supply of warm and cosy lining for nesting birds. These little fleece pieces dancing in the wind, can be used in the garden around the base of young fruit trees to suppress weeds, it also helps wash nutrients into the soil when it rains and rots down easily.


If you prefer you can shear them and sell the raw fleece to local spinners or produce your own products from the yarn. As a rare breed and not usually sheared it is often in high demand.


The sheep can look quite ragged during the time they lose their fleece but they will soon look like they have just been shorn but naturally.


Occasionally I have raw fleece for sale so please contact me for availability.