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Welcome to New Forest Boreray


For as long as I can remember I always wanted to keep sheep.
For years, I used to help my friends out on their farm, well, when I say helped, I mean, I picked up the newly born lambs in the field, gave them a cuddle and carried them to an inside barn and put them in a  pen with their mum.  I guess it was helping in some way.


A few years ago, I acquired some land which  meant I could finally have some sheep of my own. I took a long time deciding which breed to keep. As a vegetarian, I knew I could never keep sheep for meat.  I also wanted a smaller sheep that would be easier for me to handle and ideally a hardy breed. More importantly I really liked the idea of keeping a rare breed sheep and one that was on the critical list. So after doing a lot of research on different breeds, I decided that the Boreray was the one for me. Thankfully I made the right choice as I just love them.


Please enjoy reading about the Boreray Sheep on my website and if you are thinking of buying some or just want to have a chat about them, please do get in touch.  Any chance to talk sheep :-)